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Our intimate yet exhilarating space uses state-of-the-art equipment including to keep you both tough and trim in an environment that’s always inspiring. While our Recovery area brings you the ultimate R&R (your muscles will thank us later). With exclusive stretchologists to stretch you out post workout to aid your recovery.

For those who like to sweat - like really sweat – our Infrared Saunas will leave you floating like a butterfly (after you’ve stung like a bee). And if you feel like gettin’ fancy post-sweat, our on-site ‘Blow-Out Bar’ features a hairstylist for blow-waves and dry styling, or a short, back and sides for the boys.

You can also stay hydrated and nourished at our Smoothie Bar, perfect for a pre-workout pep or post-workout refuel.

We’re like your new fit best friend, here to make an impact not only on your fitness but your life. With our customised approach to training, we’re driven by you: your needs, your comfort levels, your fitness goals. And we don’t stop after your #45 Daily session. Our team of trainers are with you 24/7 to keep you accountable and to remind you why you started your fitness journey.

Led by one of Australia’s premier celebrity trainer Jono Castano, the team specialises in a diverse range of workout facets so you can experience different workout styles without the hassle of multiple memberships.

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